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The Guilin Botanical Gardens were established in 1958 by the famous botanists Chen Huanyong and Zhong Jixin and is one of the oldest Botanical Garden in China. Today it is jointly run by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and The Chinese Academy of Sciences who have integrated the research institute into the botanical gardens . Due to its unique geographical location and abundant karst plants, Guilin Botanical Gardens occupy a unique position in The National Biodiversity Protection and The Chinese Academy of Sciences Disciplines Layouts. It is the only comprehensive botanical gardens which specialise in Karst plants.

The Guilin Botanical Gardens are located at N 25°01′E110°17′, at an altitude of 180-300 metres and enjoy a subtropical monsoon climate. The average annual temperature is 19.2 degrees, rainfall 1800 mm per annum and relative humidity of 78%. The whole garden covers an area of 73 ha, and has terrain which allows for various microclimates with a good ecological environment which gives us a valuable opportunity to collect and conserve subtropical plants in Guangxi. Over many years and with the expertise of numerous botanical scientists ,Guilin Botanical Garden now has a large number of specific demonstration areas for gymnosperm, palm and cycas, rare and endangered plants, Rhododendron, golden camellias, bamboo, Osmanthus, plants unique to Guangxi, plants in Karst formations, Begonia, Gesneriaceae and typical mid-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest ecosystem etc.. These contain more than 5,100 varieties of plants, of which around 400 are rare and endangered.

The Guilin Botanical Gardens received “The National Youth Science and Technology Education Award” by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and the Chinese Association for Science and Technology in 2002. received “ The National Science Popularization Education Base Award” by China Association for Science and Technology in 1999, It is also listed with the Guilin Office of Tourism as a place of  interest.

Guangxi Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address: Guangxi.Guilin.Yanshan  Phone: (+86)773-3550103
Zip Code : 541006 Fax :(+86)773-3550067
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