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Center for Plant Resources & Phytogeographical Studies

     Center for Plant Resources and Phytogeographical Studies (CPRPS) conducts multi-disciplinary researches including palynology, cytology, molecular biology, biogeography, resource botany, biodiversity informatics and conservation biology on the basis of plant taxonomy. In recent years, based on the plant diversity hotspots in the limestone areasthe center has established nine research groups, covering plant classification, resource botany, floristic phytogeography, systematic and evolutionay botany, medical ethnobotany, as well as biology of weeds and alien invasive plants, in order to be geared to national and local strategic demands and international frontier hotspots of botany, which can be contributed to promote economic development and social progress, further improve biodiversity conservation and ecology security, as well as conserve and use plant resources sustainably.

CPRPS has undertaken many important research projects, for instance, the National Science and Technology Pillar Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Knowledge Innovation Program by Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as the Guangxi Natural Science Foundation. Since its foundation, the center has discovered and reported over 460 new taxa; especially in the last three years, published over 80 papers in the SCI journals. As the core partner, the center joined the Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae Project, which won the First-Class National Natural Science Awards, and Flora of China, and published many important materials such as Flora of Guangxi, a Checklist of Vascular Plants of Guangxi, Plant Resources from Guangxi, etc.

CPRPS owns the second largest herbarium (IBK) in the South China, of which the history can be traced back to the Herbarium, Institute of Botany, Guangxi University founded by Mr. Woonyoung CHUN (Huanyong CHEN) in 1935. So far IBK has preserved more than 500 000 specimens (covering 12 000 species all over China and 8000 species from Guangxi), including 4000 type specimens (covering 1100 taxa in 150 families) , with the great contributions from previous and various collectors, especially Shaoqin CHEN, Zhi, HUANG, Xiangri Huang, Xipeng Gao, Xinqi LIU, Peixiang TAN, Zhaozhou CHEN, Liqin CHEN, Yinkun LI, Zhongti LI, Haofu Qin, Jixin Zhong, Choufen LIANG, Shugang Li, Xiangfu DENG, Yuebang XU and Fa’nan WEI. The specimens are rich in Lauraceae, Actinidiaceae, Leguminosae,  Lythraceae, Ebenaceae, Gesneriaceae, Theaceae and Cycadaceae.mainly, most of which were collected from Guangxi, especially abundant in materials from the limestone areas (up to 30% of the whole specimens). IBK also exchanges specimens with other institutes at home and aboard, such as the USA, England, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam, which has always played an important role on the phytogeography and biodiversity studies of Guangxi, as well as the development and conservation of plant resources. The herbarium website at

Guangxi Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address: Guangxi.Guilin.Yanshan  Phone: (+86)773-3550103
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