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Center for Special Economic Plants Studies


Research Center of Special Economic Plants(RCSEP), formerly known as Introduction and Cultivation Research Team, was founded in 1954. It was renamed Plant Introduction and Cultivation Research Lab in 1989, and then to its present name in 2013 in accordance with development of academic subject and requirement of research direction.


Research groups:

    The research groups of RCSEP include: 1) Conservation Biology of Plant Research Team; 2)Kiwifruit Research Team; 3GAP Research Team of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants. There are 23 professional researchers in RCSEP, including 6 professors, 6 associate professors, 5 phD, 6 M.S., and 1 entered New Century Excellent Talents Project" at the second level in Guangxi.


Research direction:

1) Development and utilization of economic plant germplasm resources.

2) Genetic breeding and molecular improvement of economic plants.

3) Good Agricultural Practice for Chinese Crude Drugs(GAP).

4) Key technology of economic plant nuisanceless and organic cultivation

5) Conservation biology of plant


Research achievements:

Since the foundation of the center, it exploited and utilized special plant resources in accordance with the requirement of agricultural economic development of Guangxi. More than 100 economic plants, including fruit trees, herbs, oil plants, ornamental plants, rare and endangered plants, wild vegetables, were studied in aspects of resources survey, introduction and cultivation, breeding,  cultivation technology. Germplasm nursery, of some economic plant i.e., citrus, oil-tea camellia, chestnut, olive, ginkgo, broadleaf holly leaf, golden camellia, kiwifruit, were established successively.  95 research achievements have bee obtained, of  which 50 were awarded prizes at various levels . 12 monographs, 64 translations, and more than 500 research papers have been published. 10 papers were published in international journals indexed in SCI . A number of good varieties with independent intellectual property, such as Ginkgo Gui G86-1 and Actinidia chinese Guihai No.4 were bred and spread for production application. These research results made a positive contribution for the national economic development of Guangxi.

Scientifica research platform:

1) The second batch of the Autonomous Region Center for cultivation of agricultural seed-Actinidia Breeding Center of Guangxi.

2Guangxi Actinidia innovation team of national modern agricultural industry technology system.

Director: Li Jie-wei, female, professor

Deputy Director: Tang Hui, male, professor

Guangxi Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address: Guangxi.Guilin.Yanshan  Phone: (+86)773-3550103
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